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Time lapse video of our parcel sort

15th March, 2010

Every day we handle upwards of 2500 parcels for the largest parcel carriers in the country. Presently the system is manual and parcels are fed onto gravity conveyors but shortly we are to automate the

New Bemahague Secondary School

8th March, 2010

So far we have delivered more than 14 loads including some giant sized pieces of metal. Pictured below is one load of some 18 metres in length which was delivered recently. The trailer is an extendib

Vehicle Fleet Upgrade

1st March, 2010

Our UK Fleet is currently switching over to MAN vehicles and to date we have replaced 4 of our tractor units, these trucks have all been finished in our anniversay livery. Likewise our Isle of Man fle

Harbour Equipment Movement

3rd November, 2009

The "Yokohama" rubber berthing buffers provide safe berthing for fast craft in Douglas Harbour and with the onset of winter and reduction in sailings the buffers are being transferred to Liverpool whe

Abnormal Load Movement for SCS

6th October, 2009

6th October 2009.
Manx Independent Carriers were pleased to have been contracted by local building services specialists, Stewart Clague Services to transport a Containerised Plantroom from the ma

Ronaldsway Airport Runway Extension Scheme - UPDATE

1st September, 2009

The massive project saw some 50,000 tonnes of sand at a time sprayed into the infill area by the giant dredging vessel, Pearl River. The sand was dredged from the seabed of the Irish Sea in the Morec

Ronaldsway, Isle of Man Airport Runway Extension Scheme

1st September, 2009

Manx Independent Carriers are pleased to have been contracted by Ramsey Steamship Company to transport dredging equipment from Douglas Harbour to the Ronaldsway, Isle of Man Airport runway extension s

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