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Don't leave your Christmas Deliveries too late!

15th December, 2015

1. Order early for Christmas

Always remember that we live on an Island surrounded by water. Winter storms during December can really delay shipping. Deliveries can get stuck for three or four days or even longer. Goods ordered at the last minute may not be delivered until after the holiday rush is over.

Suggestion: Order your goods as far in advance as possible, the week before may not be a long enough lead time to ensure you receive your delivery in time for Christmas

2. Home deliveries

There are very few people who can wait at home all day for a delivery. Even fewer appreciate missing the courier by only minutes returning from an errand.

Suggestion: Have your delivery sent to your  work address, or to a friend's or parent's address who you know is at home in the daytime to hold it for you.

3. Where do you live?

Houses and apartments differ wildly in how safe it could be to leave an unattended item. Some of the older houses in our towns face directly onto the street, with only a doorstep separating them from the pavement. Other people have small porches while others live up a long driveway. We will only leave goods at unattended premises if we consider it safe to do so, we try to avoid leaving high value goods without a receipt signature. We will leave a calling card if you are not in so that you can re-arrange the delivery with us.

Suggestion: Make sure you include your contact phone number on your delivery order so we can contact you to make delivery arrangements. Only with your written permission we will leave goods in a safe place.


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