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Amazon deliveries by helicopter

3rd December, 2013

Amazon, the company that already automates many of its warehouses and fulfillment centers with robot workers, has unveiled Amazon Prime Air — a new delivery method...

Steam Packet issue weather warning for Thursday 5th December

3rd December, 2013

The IOM Steam Packet have issued a weather warning for Thursday 5th December, There may be disruption to sailings due to bad weather

Port of Liverpool could handle world's biggest container vessels

2nd December, 2013

The Port of Liverpool could increase trading links with countries across Asia by handling some of the biggest ships in the world. Owner Peel Ports is building the...

Manx inflation goes up again

29th November, 2013

After a few months of inflation going down, November saw a slight increase in the Manx rate

Manx Independent Carriers deliver Ice Skating Rink

27th November, 2013

Manx Independent Carriers brought you the Peel Bay Festival, Elton Johns Marquee and the TT Snoozebox Portable Hotel, we now bring you the Ice Skate Isle of Man...

David Cameron describes renewable energy generation as "green crap"

26th November, 2013

David Cameron allegedly described levies to boost renewable energy generation as "green crap", could this affect proposed Irish Sea wind farms?

Iceberg the size of the Isle of Man breaks free

25th November, 2013

Survey teams monitor drifting 'Isle of Man-sized' iceberg that could threaten shipping

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