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We now spend £7k a year shopping on the internet

10th June, 2014

A recent survey reveals that Island households spend over £7,000 per annum on online shopping, .

Island Analysis made a survey of online shopping habits in the Isle of Man and Channel Islands and a sample of 1,692  Island residents took part in the survey, divided equally between the three islands.

The total value of online purchases, including travel expenditure, in 2013 was estimated to be £216m in the Isle of Man, £258m in Jersey and £158m in Guernsey.

'Convenience', 'price', and 'product range and choice' continue to be the dominant reasons for shopping online. However, there were slight differences between the islands.

Just over half of all respondents in the three islands stated they 'often' or 'very often' experienced online retailers not delivering to their island.

As far as the barriers to buying online were concerned, 'companies not delivering to the island' was the most important reason stated in all three islands.

Manx Independent Carriers are able to offer an ongoing service whereby goods delivered free within the UK but not to the Isle of Man, can be sent to our Lancashire for onward delivery to the Isle of Man.

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