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Toughmann challenge

21st August, 2013

Manx Independent Carriers are pleased to have provided assistance the organisers of the inaugural "Toughmann" challenge.

More than 300 entrants threw themselves into the first ever Tough Mann Adventure Race at Ballamoar Farm in Ballaugh last week.

You could just about make out the smiles through the muddy faces at the finish line, as people reached the end of the gruelling 10km course, having each dealt with lung-busting hills, climbs, crawls, scrambles and sprints, all in beautiful surroundings.

Co-organiser Richard Cryer said it was a much bigger turnout than they’d ever anticipated, with an estimated 1,000 people at the event.

‘I can’t believe that not a single competitor quit, everyone crossed the line. That’s just amazing,’ said Richard.

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