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Steam Packet Charter Vessel update

12th November, 2013

The MV Arrow's 3 year charter begings in April next year when the Ben my Chree will be taken out of service for her compulsory bi-ennial inspection and maintenance. She will provide important back up to the Ben on a year round basis but especially at the peak period of TT fortnight. 

The MV Arrow is one of the few remaining vessels in the Irish Sea of a size that will fit Douglas harbour, there are fewer than 30 ships remaining worldwide of a similar size and configuration as most Irish Sea routes are now served by larger vessels.

This will not be the first time in recent years that the Packet has had two freight ro-ro vessels, when the Peveril was the main freight vessel, the Belard was the back up. Belard was successfully chartered out when not required for the IOM route. The Packet now have the same opportunity to charter the Arrow when she is not required.

The vessel will retain its current Seatruck crew as they come with the vessel and can't be changed unless the Packet exercise their purchase option and then place their own crew on her.

The Arrow was built in 1998 and has been in service with Seatruck Ferries since 2007. She has a total of 1,057 metres (1,156 yd) lane capacity, which means she can carry 88 trailers, with provision for 12 passengers.

Chief Executive of the Steam Packet, Mark Woodward says she's ideally suited because she can sail in all weathers and tides at Heysham and Liverpool – something increasingly rare in available vessels.

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