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May 2008. Newsletter Euromanx Ceases Trading

16th May, 2008

Island airline EUROMANX has announced that it has ceased trading.

In a statement on its website on Friday 9th May 2008 the company says: 'It is with great regret that EuroManx have announced today that the company is ceasing operations forthwith with no further flights being operated'.

In a brief statement, Tony Brown, Chief Minister if the Isle of Man said: 'Government very much regrets this morning's announcement by EuroManx that it is ceasing trading, particularly as we have been working with the airline to help it secure its future'.

Manx Independent Carriers have already reached agreement with Flybe to handle all their airfreight consignments on the Liverpool to Isle of Man route and have not experienced any delays to their regular courier services.
St George's continue dominance

Sure Mobile Premier League Champions Again!

St Georges Football Club, sponsored by Manx Independent Carriers emphasized their dominance of this seasons Sure Mobile sponsored Isle of Man Premier League with a 1-0 victory over Gymns AFC to win their 10th domestic league title with 3 games still to play.

'We're absolutely delighted', added Bass Sr after the match: 'This is our fourth title in five years which says so much about the hard work, commitment and talent that this squad of players has.
Hospital Cup clash

St George's swept past St John's with a 4-0 win at Mullen-e-Cloie. Looking for the treble win this year, having won the FA Cup and the Sure Mobile Premier league, Sunday's semi-finals see St George's making the short trip to Old Boys while Corinthians entertain Rushen.
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