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Manx inflation continues downward trend

14th May, 2012

The annual rate of inflation as measured by the Isle of Man Retail Prices Index (RPI) fell this month to 2.5%
for April, down from 3.0% in March.

The annual rate of inflation excluding housing costs shown by the RPI also decreased for April to

The annual rate of inflation shown by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) is 2.1% for April 2012

Travel costs for Isle of Man residents have spiralled over the last year, according to an official report.

Treasury figures show an overall fare increase of 8.2% since April 2011.

Although no changes have been recorded for bus and coach travel, the statistics show a 4.7% rise in ferry costs and a 18% rise in air fares.

Treasury minister Eddie Teare said: "There are still key categories of expenditure that continue to see price increases.

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