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Manx Independent Depot Improvements

16th August, 2010

A substantial investment in our parcel depot has provided efficiencies in our delivery operations.

The installation of five 6 metre wide doors has provided ten loading bays and along with a new parcel conveyor our early morning parcel sort has been speeded up considerably. This revision to our procedure not only means that our distribution vehicles leave promptly thus giving an earlier delivery time, but it also increases our capacity and allows us to handle more daily consignments than before. This along with our hand held delivery technology puts us on a par with the major UK parcel carriers but on a smaller scale. Our system is unrivalled in the Manx Courier market.

The changes represent a considerable investment in the depot and equipment, no other Manx Express Parcel operator can offer this type of facility and capacity.

For more information on our distribution services, please contact Michael Coleman, Managing Director, on 07624 458893 or email:

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