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Isle of Man Steam Packet comes in for more criticism

8th December, 2008

Peter Karran MHK has criticised the Steam Packets' freight charges and has asked questions in Tynwald. He suggests that money already budgeted for replacing one of the Douglas Harbour linkspans should be allocated to providing a third linkspan which would not be subject to the Douglas Harbour User Agreement which effectively confers a monopoly on the Steam Packet until the year 2026. He believes that this would encourage competition and force the Steam Packet to offer more realistic prices for shipping freight.

Last week, 2nd December, there was further criticism of the Steam Packets' freight charges from Minister for Trade and Industry, David Cretney. He is quoted as saying that the Manx economy must not be compromised by increases in the cost of 'critical services which cannot be justified by prevailing economic conditions' He also went on to say that despite Manx inflation falling along with the price of oil 'this would appear to undermine the rationale for an increase in charges'

A week earlier, president of the Manx National Farmers' Union, Howard Quayle is quoted as saying "the Steam Packet's freight charges are crippling the Isle of Man's farming industry" and says "the freight charges are just too high"
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