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Isle of Man Shipping registry sees continued growth

8th January, 2014

The Isle of Man Ship Registry has had an excellent year, registering more ships from new owners with a corresponding increase in gross registered tonnage of more than twice the growth rate of the world's fleet during 2013.

Clarkson's, which monitors world shipping fleets, recently released statistics showing that the Isle of Man has now moved into 14th place in the table of world registers by tonnage, which places it ahead of Germany for the first time in its history.

The Isle of Man register has grown by 7.4% in tonnage terms, which is more than twice the rate of growth of the world fleet at 3.6%. This is a significant increase not only in tonnage terms but also in the increasing global influence of the Isle of Man's register.

The Department of Economic Development says it's delighted with the growth and success which will benefit the Island's economy. The Isle of Man maritime sector employs 600 people with 100 of the world's most famous yachts registered here.

Pictured is Ugland Shippings "Caly Manx" bulk carrier registered in the Isle of Man

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