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In-Cab telematics pays dividends

9th September, 2013

Manx Independent Carriers have now installed "Fleetmatics" GPS tracking and management systems in the majority of the vehicle fleet.

The latest vehicles to have this revolutionary management tool installed are the Company's five tractor units.

Our transport managers can view the key metrics for the fleet's performance with one single glance at Fleetmatics' fleet tracking Dashboard. Based on the thresholds we set for our business, the Dashboard gives us a performance summary of our fleet's performance against those thresholds.

With the Dashboard, we can:

1. Effortlessly classify key and repeat offenders
2. Expose wasteful practices
3. Improve safety by eliminating cell phone calls to drivers
4. Compare one driver’s performance to the others and create thresholds based on those metrics
5.Develop a standard for operational efficiencies

With 80% of the fleet now fitted with this system we expect substantial savings in fuel usage, reduced wear and tear, greater efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

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