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EU meddling threatens haulage efficiency.

29th September, 2010

UK – EU – Road haulage representatives in Britain were unanimous in their condemnation of draft legislation to be considered in Brussels which they believe would cause significant damage to Britain’s road freight industry. At a time when hauliers are being encouraged to introduce greener policies and reduce road miles the proposal, to limit trailer height to four metres, they consider a step backwards.

Our UK and Isle of Man trailers typically run at heights significantly greater than 4 metres because they can operate safely on the road network and which allows us to have two load decks instead of one – effectively, to put two trailer-loads on a single trailer of the same length. This not only saves us road miles but helps keep our UK - IOM ferry costs stable by moving the maximum amount of freight in as few trailers as possible.

Double deck trailers are commonly used in the distribution of parcels and of palletised traffic, and are particularly noticeable on the motorways at night, significantly reducing day-time congestion.

The trailer pictured above operates at 4.6 metres and would effectively be outlawed by the proposal which would only result in increased costs which would ultimately be passed on to the customer.

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