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Assistance for Morocco

12th July, 2011

Our sister company, Walter Edmundson (Hualage) Ltd recently collected a pallet of goods free of charge from Liverpool and shipped it through the Pallex Network for a very good cause.

The goods are obsolete and donated uniforms going from a school in Liverpool and are being sent to a school in Tatalast which is near Marrakech in Morocco. The children from the school will be receiving the uniforms and other school related items.

Talatast is situated at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level. The local inhabitants are poor and live from subsistence farming, goat breeding and plain traditional pottery. Great damage to the local environment has been made to fuel their pottery baking ovens by burning the wood and some rare bushes. As part of their involvement in the village, the British Moroccan Society help educate the potters’children about the endangerment they have been causing to the trees grown in their region and encourage them to use some green alternatives.

Hilary Devey, Chairman and CEO of Pallex is a supporter of the British Moroccan Society.

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